Abandoned: Consonnno Italy

An abandoned holiday resort in the mountains of Italy.

Abandoned: Ex Innocenti Milano

The remains of a large abandoned car/scooter factory in Italy.

Abandoend: Villa Scorpio Italy

A grand abandoned villa in Italy.

Abandoned: Ex Cementifico Di A

A large abandoned cement works in the middle of a large Italian city.

Abandoned: Psichiatrico Unknown

A grand abandoned building set on a live hospital site in Italy.

Abandoned: Teatro Rotunda

A beautiful art-deco theatre left abandoned in Italy.

Abandoned: Ex Centrale Termoelletrica

A large abandoned power station in Italy with a stunning control room.

Abandoned: Ex Sottostazione Elettrica Ferroviaria

An abandoned railway substation control room in Italy

Abandoned: Castello Di Sammezzano

Sammezzano is large abandoned castle in Italy with an extremely extravagant interior.

Abandoned: Villa SS

A beautiful abandoned villa on the outskirts of a quiet Italian Village.

Abandoned: Villa Mint

An abandoned mansion in Italy with a stunning entrance hall.

Abandoned: Grande Casa Abbandonatta

A large abandoned villa in Italy. Last used as a bed and breakfast.

Abandoned: Preventorio Rocco

An abandoned sanatorium high up in the Italian mountains, lots of decay here which has beautiful tones to it. 

Abandoned: Blue Chapel Monastery

The Blue Chpael is an abandoned Franciscan monastery in Italy. A rather large building with a stunning chapel which is clearly the highlight here.

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Abandoned: Collegio Di Musica Saint Evelise

A large abandoned college set high in the beautiful hills of Italy.

Abandoned: Manicomio Di R

A huge abandoned asylum in Italy. Full of beauty and stunning features.