Abandoned: Nuffield Health Hospital Cambridge

A small abandoned hospital in Cambridge. Demolition was in progress when I visited here.

Abandoned: Kirklees College Huddersfield

Kirklees College is a large abandoned complex in Huddersfield which started life as an infirmary.

Abandoned Kirklees College

Abandoned: Villa Heil

A large abandoned house in a quiet area of a Belgian Town.

Abandoned: Taxidermy Farm

An abandoned farmhouse in a quiet Belgian village hides a strange secret. It contains one huge taxidermy collection.

Abandoned: Observatoire de Cointe

An abandoned observatory complex in Belgium which was owned by the university.

Abandoned: HFB Power Station

Hidden in a large abandoned steelworks in Belgium lies a power station with some ace control rooms and great views.

Abandoned: Queen Elizabeth II hospital.

A large abandoned hospital in Welwyn Garden City. Even had power on in most of the rooms.

Abandoned: Maison Du Cerf

A beautiful large dentists house left abandoned in Belgium. A full dental surgery remains here.

Abandoned: Usine Unknown

A small abandoned factory in Belgium. I have no idea what it is and I processed all the shots in mono for no particular reason.

Abandoned: Usine S Museum Selection

Stored away in an abandoned factory in Belgium is a fine selection of abandoned textile machines.