Abandoned: Psichiatrico Unknown

A grand abandoned building set on a live hospital site in Italy.

Asylum Chapel Peckham London

A grand decaying chapel in London which is used for various functions.

Abandoned: Harperbury Hospital

A large abandoned hospital in Hertfordshire, England. A number of buildings are now totally ruined. However there are still a number of buildings left in good condition.

Abandoned: Bethel Hospital Norwich

All that remains of an old asylum in Norwich, UK.

Abandoned Video: Derelict East Anglia

A short timelapse film of abandoned places in East Anglia. From asylums in Norwich to small homes in the Fenlands.

A short timelapse film of abandoned places in East Anglia. Shot in abandoned places from Norfolk and the Fens. All shot on a Samsung NX1100.

Abandoned: Manicomio Di R

A huge abandoned asylum in Italy. Full of beauty and stunning features.

Abandoned: St Johns Asylum

The now abandoned Lincolnshire County Lunatic Asylum was built in 1852 in a grand Italian style.

Now pretty much all renovated into flats.

Abandoned: West Park Mortuary

An abandoned mortuary/histopatholgy department. Some unusual items were left behind here.

Abandoned: Severalls Hospital

Severalls is a large abandoned mental hospital in Essex, UK.