Abandoned: Beelitz Female Pavilions

The female pavilions of the vast abandoned Beelitz site in Germany.

Abandoned: Beelitz Chirurgie Pavillon

The surgery pavilion on the huge abandoned Beelitz site in Germany.

Abandoned: Algemeen Ziekenhuis Jan Palfijn Gent AV

An abandoned hospital in Gent with some nice operating theatres.

Abandoned: Psichiatrico Unknown

A grand abandoned building set on a live hospital site in Italy.

Abandoned: Ex Ospedale Bertagnetta

Hidden behind the trees in a large walled complex we find this abandoned hospital in Italy.

Abandoned: Harperbury Hospital

A large abandoned hospital in Hertfordshire, England. A number of buildings are now totally ruined. However there are still a number of buildings left in good condition.

Abandoned: Standish Hospital

A small abandoned hospital with great decay.

Abandoned: Nuffield Health Hospital Cambridge

A small abandoned hospital in Cambridge. Demolition was in progress when I visited here.

Abandoned: Queen Elizabeth II hospital.

A large abandoned hospital in Welwyn Garden City. Even had power on in most of the rooms.

Abandoned: Preventorio Rocco

An abandoned sanatorium high up in the Italian mountains, lots of decay here which has beautiful tones to it. 

Abandoned: Manicomio Vendetta

Manicomio Vendetta is a large abandoned hospital complex which has some dark history.

Abandoned: The White Morgue

An abandoned hospital deep in a German forest holds this pristine looking morgue.

Abandoned: St Johns Asylum

The now abandoned Lincolnshire County Lunatic Asylum was built in 1852 in a grand Italian style.

Now pretty much all renovated into flats.

Abandoned: Father Hudsons

The Father Hudsons site consists of varying buildings most of which are abandoned, including a children's home and a small hospital.

Source: http://www.darbiansphotography.com/urbex-f...

Abandoned: War Memorial Hospital

The War Memorial is an abandoned hospital in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Originally a manor house, it was presented to the town to be used as a hospital.