Abandoned: Beelitz Female Pavilions

The female pavilions of the vast abandoned Beelitz site in Germany.

Abandoned: Beelitz Chirurgie Pavillon

The surgery pavilion on the huge abandoned Beelitz site in Germany.

Abandoned: Pavilionul Central Baile Govora

An abandoned sanatorium spa in Romania.

Abandoned: Standish Hospital

A small abandoned hospital with great decay.

Abandoned: Preventorio Rocco

An abandoned sanatorium high up in the Italian mountains, lots of decay here which has beautiful tones to it. 

Abandoned: Sanatorium D'Aincourt

A large abandoned sanatorium in France. Stripped and trashed but still rather photographic.

Abandoned: Mundesley TB Hospital

An abandoned sanatorium in Norfolk UK. Certainly a building that looks out of place in the UK.