Abandoned: Littleberries St Vincents Convent

An grand abandoned convent on the outskirts of London.

Abandoned: Radbrook College Shrewsbury

An abandoned college in Shrewsbury with some nice features including a grand staircase.

Abandoned: Langley Prep School Nursery Norwich

A Small abandoned Nursery hidden away in Norwich UK.

Abandoned: Kirklees College Huddersfield

Kirklees College is a large abandoned complex in Huddersfield which started life as an infirmary.

Abandoned Kirklees College

Abandoned: Observatoire de Cointe

An abandoned observatory complex in Belgium which was owned by the university.

Abandoned: Collegio Di Musica Saint Evelise

A large abandoned college set high in the beautiful hills of Italy.

Abandoned: Twin Morgues

A large morgue consisting of two rooms and two slabs.