Abandoned: Meddlers Scrapyard

An abandoned scrapyard in rural Norfolk. Cars, coaches vans and even fire engines can be found here.

Abandoned: CWM Coke Beddau

A large abandoned coke works factory in Wales.

Abandoned: Tullis Russel Power Station

An abandoned power station in Scotland. A fine example of 1950's turbines and control panels.

Abandoned: Victoria Power Station Kirkaldy

An old abandoned power Station in Scotland, left abandoned since the 1960's.

Abandoned: Italy 2017 teaser

Just a short insight in to my recent trip to explore abandoned places in Italy. We even managed to find a couple of new spots while over there. As you probably know I am a photographer and the films come second, there will still be a few films made from this trip.

A quick tease of a recent trip to Italy. Finalising the edit and thought I would pop this up. Going to be a few films rom this trip I think. Shot with a Samsung NX500 and a Nikon d750 Music... Song: Rivero & Anna Yvette - Heaven [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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Abandoned: Wentworth Bunker

An abandoned bunker set up as a command post in WWii

Abandoned: Italy

Italy is a beautiful country and is home to some beautiful abandoned places.

In May/June 2015 I went on a tour of Italy to photograph some abandoned places. Basically in four days we managed to visit 27 locations. From abandoned hospitals to deserted villas there was so much to see. The first full day was spent driving around Lake Maggoire, surrounded by tree filled mountains, it was a beautiful start to the trip. We finally end our day in Vercelli.

The next day we head further South taking in a hospital, a theatre and a number of abandoned villas and finish our day in Turin, we end up in a hotel that is basically in the middle of the ghetto, large blocks of residential flats with a lot of activity.

A big day today, Manincomio Di R. A beautiful asylum which was a major goal of the trip. It all goes wrong and a guardian knows why we are there, "no photo, no photo". We were only walking past. This is a major setback and there was a few expletives said to ourselves as we walked on. Not to be deterred we wonder around to the other side of this large abandoned asylum and manage to find another access point and we are quickly inside. It was clearly worth the perseverance and spent a number of hours enjoying this beautiful building. We leave a happy bunch and probably more expletives were said as we left here, this time in joy. We finally take a long drive up in to the mountains to visit an abandoned college which houses a beautiful modern chapel. After some time here another long drive to the coast to my personal main goal of the trip, Ospedale Psichiatrico Di Q. A beautiful asylum with the finest stone staircase. After some climbing one of us managed to gain access and let the rest of us in easily. It was early evening by now and the light was perfect, the building was perfect, the whole day could not of gone better. We even grabbed a few shots of the entrance to the live asylum on the same sight. We leave the coast and head up into the mountains for a final night in Italy.

We wake up at the crack of dawn to make the most of our final day, it doesn't start well we are locked in the village. What the hell, everyone is still in bed. We are left with one option, sound the horn and wake up the whole village. Finally we are set free and on our way to a monastery then a small sanatorium in the mountains and finally Palace Casino, a popular abandoned mansion set in beautiful parklands. We arrive back to the car and choose a random hospital on the sat nav. It turns out to be mostly a live site but one building is left abandoned. Luckily it houses a beautiful staircase and a few random bits left behind. We have no idea where it even was but it was a pleasant surprise to finish off the trip.

Big thanks to Justin from As The Light Slowly Fades and Masa of Masa Kores Photography for an awesome few days.

So I made this as it turns out two years later I have just returned from another trip to Italy. Its strange how it has worked out to be exactly two years later.

Below are all the locations visited on this trip in 2015 go check some of them out. Just to whet the appetite of the new locations I recently visited.


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Abandoned: Harperbury Hospital

A large abandoned hospital in Hertfordshire, England. A number of buildings are now totally ruined. However there are still a number of buildings left in good condition.

Urbex Film Walkaround: Windlestone Hall AKA Tombstone Manor

A brief walk around of Windlestone Hall an abandoned mansion in the North East of England. Sadly it has taken a lot of damage from vandals and thieves, who have even taken parts of the roof creating a lot of damage inside.

Urbex: I had the pleasure of exploring this large abandoned mansion in County Durham, England. The birthplace of the Conservative Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, is now in a state of disrepair with smashed windows and paint splattered over the walls. It was up for sale at £850,000 and I believe bids have been made.

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Urbex Film: RAF West Raynham

A short film from the local RAF base. RAF Raynham has been abandoned for some time now. A huge site with a large number of buildings to see. Slowly the site is being renovated and some of the buildings are in use again.

So my filming went wrong so I ended up with brief hyperlapse clips instead. I never got enough timelapse clips to make a film so combined them together.

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You can also check out my original report RAF West Raynham.

Abandoned: The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home.

It can be quite surprising the amount of abandoned places that are still left connected to a source of electricity.

These sites certainly leave some unanswered questions. Who is paying the bills? Well sadly for hospitals, educational properties or any other site funded by the government, quite possibly you and I. I have a couple of theories on industrial sites. One is if the power is still running it's not going to be so easy to steal from. It isn't advised to rip out live copper cable and could the thieves be sure if they did try to turn it off. Also these sites will eventually be stripped and it will not be a safe working environment in a poorly lit space. Then we have mothballed sites, where the cost to restart the whole factory is far more than keeping it alive a blast furnace is a prime example of this practice.  

 Here is a selection of places I have visited where the lights are still on but nobody is home. 


QEII Hospital UK


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Timelapse Film: Industreeside

A short timelapse/ slow motion film of the heavy industry in the North East of England. Filmed around Teeside and the Seal Sands industrial site between Hartlepool and Middlesbrough.

Huge industrial sites here bellowing out steam, smoke and even fire at times. It was quite a pleasure making this film.

A short film of the heavy industry that can be found around Teeside and Seal Sands, which is set between Hartlepool and Middlesborough. Lots of steam and smoke at what I believe to be mainly chemical plants. Filmed with a Nikon D750, a Nikon D7000 and a Samsung nx500.

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