Abandoned: Haus Der Offiziere Wünsdorf Main Building

The grand office building of a military complex in Germany. Last used by the Soviet forces.

Abandoned: Qinetiq Malvern Technology Centre

An abandoned science park used by one of the UKs largest defence contractors.

Abandoned: Steampunk Commander Control Room

A small abandoned control room in Belgium.

Abandoned: Great Tew Manor

A grand abandoned manor house in the UK.

Abandoned: Maison Kirsch

A quaint abandoned farmhouse in Luxembourg.

Abandoned: Cyklonkessel Powerplant

An abandoned power station in Germany that was part of a paper mill.

Abandoned: Ex Centrale Termoelletrica

A large abandoned power station in Italy with a stunning control room.

Abandoned: Greys Car Graveyard

A small car graveyard in rural Norfolk.

Abandoned: Church Of All Saints

A small abandoned church in Norfolk.

Abandoned: Blundeston Prison Suffolk

A large abandoned prison in the UK

Abandoned: Meddlers Scrapyard

An abandoned scrapyard in rural Norfolk. Cars, coaches vans and even fire engines can be found here.

Abandoned: Roche Products

A nice art-deco office of an old demolished factory in Welwyn Garden City

Urbex Film Walkaround: Windlestone Hall AKA Tombstone Manor

A brief walk around of Windlestone Hall an abandoned mansion in the North East of England. Sadly it has taken a lot of damage from vandals and thieves, who have even taken parts of the roof creating a lot of damage inside.

Urbex: I had the pleasure of exploring this large abandoned mansion in County Durham, England. The birthplace of the Conservative Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, is now in a state of disrepair with smashed windows and paint splattered over the walls. It was up for sale at £850,000 and I believe bids have been made.

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Abandoned: The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home.

It can be quite surprising the amount of abandoned places that are still left connected to a source of electricity.

These sites certainly leave some unanswered questions. Who is paying the bills? Well sadly for hospitals, educational properties or any other site funded by the government, quite possibly you and I. I have a couple of theories on industrial sites. One is if the power is still running it's not going to be so easy to steal from. It isn't advised to rip out live copper cable and could the thieves be sure if they did try to turn it off. Also these sites will eventually be stripped and it will not be a safe working environment in a poorly lit space. Then we have mothballed sites, where the cost to restart the whole factory is far more than keeping it alive a blast furnace is a prime example of this practice.  

 Here is a selection of places I have visited where the lights are still on but nobody is home. 


QEII Hospital UK


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Abandoned: Standish Hospital

A small abandoned hospital with great decay.

Abandoned Balconies

The view from abandonment. Many abandoned buildings are set in beautiful locations with stunning vista's.  Some more grand than others. 

No more morning coffees, romantic dinners while watching the setting sun. No more watching the sunrise with a glass of wine after a crazy night out. These balconies lie empty and restless.  


Beelitz Mens Pavillion:

A large amount of balconies can be found here as it was built as a sanatorium and air baths were considered the best form of treatment for tuberculosis.

Mundesley TB Hospital:

The view of this stunning building from a balcony of this old sanatorium. A very interesting building which is certainly out of place in Norfolk UK

Doctor Anna's House

The balcony which leads from the bedroom at a large doctors house in Germany. I can imagine the doctor and his wife having breakfast here in the morning before the days work.

 Villa La B:

The million euro view from an abandoned villa in Switzerland. The perfect view to wake up to before a hard days exploring in the sun.


Beelitz Hospital:

Another balcony on the huge Beelitz site. This building is around a mile away from the building posted above.


House Of Wheelchairs:

The stunning forest view from an abandoned care home in Germany.

Pensionnat Catholique:

The view of the chapel on a balcony of a large abandoned school in France.

Sanatorium D'Aincourt:

The balcony of an abandoned sanatorium  in France set in a beautiful forest.

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Abandoned: Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory

A short timelapse film of the abandoned Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory. Shot using basic a basic timelapse function on the camera and using a simple clockwork panning device.  I spent a lot of time here at the end of the summer and into the autumn shooting.  Which will be coming at a later date.


Abandoned: Villa Heil

A large abandoned house in a quiet area of a Belgian Town.

Abandoned: Red Diesel Farm

An abandoned garage in Belgium with a rather cool Ford Fairlane and a small living space.