Abandoned: Bank Job

An grand abandoned bank in a busy Belgian city centre.

Abandoned: Doftana Prison Romania

An old abandoned prison in Romania which held political prisoners.

Abandoned: The Monument Of Three Generations

An abandoned monument in Bulgaria.

Abandoned: Buzludzha The House Of The Bulgarian Communist Party

A large abandoned communist party building in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria.

Abandoned: Liverpool Fruit Exchange

A beautiful abandoned fruit exchange/auction house in the UK.

Abandoned: Crystal Palace High Level Subway

A beautiful abandoned subway in London.

Abandoned: Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Old Marylebone Town Hall is a large town hall in London undergoing renovation.

Abandoned: Blundeston Prison Suffolk

A large abandoned prison in the UK

Abandoned: Cardiff Coal Exchange

The Cardiff Coal Exchange was a grand trading space in Wales.

Abandoned: Roche Products

A nice art-deco office of an old demolished factory in Welwyn Garden City

Abandoned: Red Diesel Farm

An abandoned garage in Belgium with a rather cool Ford Fairlane and a small living space.

Abandoned: Buxton Crescent

A stunning large abandoned building in Buxton. The Crescent has had many uses including a hotel and council offices.

Abandoned: CDC

Chambre Du Commerce is an extremely large grand building in the middle of a busy Belgian city.