Abandoned: Teesside Steelworks

A vast abandoned steelworks in the North East of England.

Abandoned Balconies

The view from abandonment. Many abandoned buildings are set in beautiful locations with stunning vista's.  Some more grand than others. 

No more morning coffees, romantic dinners while watching the setting sun. No more watching the sunrise with a glass of wine after a crazy night out. These balconies lie empty and restless.  


Beelitz Mens Pavillion:

A large amount of balconies can be found here as it was built as a sanatorium and air baths were considered the best form of treatment for tuberculosis.

Mundesley TB Hospital:

The view of this stunning building from a balcony of this old sanatorium. A very interesting building which is certainly out of place in Norfolk UK

Doctor Anna's House

The balcony which leads from the bedroom at a large doctors house in Germany. I can imagine the doctor and his wife having breakfast here in the morning before the days work.

 Villa La B:

The million euro view from an abandoned villa in Switzerland. The perfect view to wake up to before a hard days exploring in the sun.


Beelitz Hospital:

Another balcony on the huge Beelitz site. This building is around a mile away from the building posted above.


House Of Wheelchairs:

The stunning forest view from an abandoned care home in Germany.

Pensionnat Catholique:

The view of the chapel on a balcony of a large abandoned school in France.

Sanatorium D'Aincourt:

The balcony of an abandoned sanatorium  in France set in a beautiful forest.

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