Abandoned: When Nature Takes Over

Abandoned places are often overgrown.

More often outside than in. However on the odd occasion it does appear or work its way inside.

Usually creeping in through window frames or broken panes.

Sometimes though you find the less ordinary. From mould or fungi, a lone sprout and even full on plant life. 

Here is a selection of my favourite shots where nature has taken over. 


Monastere Antionette

A large amount of mould growing on the windowsill in this abandoned Belgian monastery.

Fort De La Chartreuse

 A serious amount of overgrowth in this derelict fort in Belgium.

British Celanese

A lone sprout in a warehouse of a large unused factory in the UK.

Fenland Farmhouse

Overgrowth creeping in to this bedroom in an abandoned UK farmhouse.

Krampnitz Kaserne

Moss on the floor and even the ceiling in this derelict military barracks in Germany.

Derby Royal Infirmary

An injection of green as plant life creeps in through the window of this abandoned UK hospital.

Denbigh Asylum

A grass carpet covers the floor of this room in a derelict asylum in Wales.

RAF West Raynham:

The fine overgrowth here seems like an alien lifeform spreading across the room in this bedroom of an abandoned RAF base in the UK.

Berkyn Manor

Vines spreading over the rustic kitchen sink in this abandoned Manor house in the UK.


Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed this selection of images. As always the images and titles are links back to the full location reports. If anywhere catches your eye feel free to check out the full reports.