Abandoned: The Last Song

While on my travels of abandoned places I sometimes find pianos and organs forgotten and left to rot. Musical instruments are always beautiful and it is such a shame they get left and forgotten.



Notre Dame College:

A grand piano left in an abandoned college. Shortly after this visit the college was demolished. I wander if the piano was saved.

Beelitz Mens Pavillion:

An upright piano found in an abandoned hospital. Due to the popular use of his location. I believe this was added at a later date as a prop.

Church Of The Raven: 

Various books lay on top of an organ overlooking an abandoned church.

Beelitz Bath House:

A grand piano used as a prop for a short film is now left in this abandoned hospital.

Holy Nurse:

The organ left in an abandoned hospital chapel.

St Michael's:

The ceiling lays on this small organ in a burnt out church.

Berkyn Manor:

An upright piano left in a large abandoned manor house in the UK.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed. If any location leaves you intrigued feel free to check the full set of the location by clicking the titles or images.