Reflections Of The Past

Quite often you find nice reflections in abandoned buildings. Here are a selection of a few favourites I have taken while on my travels in search of abandoned buildings.



Battersea Power Station:  

After dodging workmen I finally found my way to the rooftop. Main idea was to enjoy the view of the city of London. I turned round to see a better view. The moment the image came up on the LCD I smiled. Certainly one of my favourite shots.

Hotel Des Thermes:

I Spotted the reflection of the ceiling and thought it looked rather nice. I wanted to get as much reflection as possible, so I ended up with the camera sitting in the pool of water on the ground.


Salve Mater: 

A slightly more discreet reflection here in a bathroom at Salve mater. I think its cool how they are different colours.


Infinity Reservoir: 

Well any shot here is bound to have a reflection. Can't be missing this awesome underground location out though.



Chateau Lumiere: 

An early morning selfie in the beautiful Chateau Lumiere. My partner in crime decided to try and catch some ZZZzzs so I hade the whole place to myself as the sun rose. I lined up this shot and figured it was perfect for me to sit on the stairs.  



A perfect time to visit this large abandoned asylum in Essex. Just as the snow had thawed we arrived to find the floors covered in water creating lots of great reflections in the corridors.


The Carvern:

What can I say about this location? One of the most amazing car graveyards you could ever see. Such a pleasure to go here and such a fun day out.



Church Of The Raven:

Well I noticed the reflections on the altar and that was it. I placed the camera on it and shot in nearly every direction possible!!


Swithland Reservoir: 

The main reason for this visit was to go underground in the main reservoir. However the surroundings are quite pleaasent too. I found the central spot and rested my camera on the ledge of the filtration bed.

Thanks for looking all the titles and images link back to the full set of each location if any of them grab your interest.