Abandoned: 16mm F2.4 Urbex Bokeh

The Urbex photography scene is predominantly big wide epic shots with front to back sharpness, a bit of blur makes a break from the norm.

Around Christmas 2013 I bought a Samsung NX1100 CSM. It was quite a bargain and nice and small. The idea of it was an every day camera. Much easier than carrying round an SLR. Later inthe year I got a 16mm 2.4 lens for it and I love it. Really straight lines and beautiful soft bokeh.

It is great for a first post of a new location, a small tease of what its really like due to the shallow DOF and a lot of the image being out of focus.

Here is a small selection of images I have taken with this lens/camera combo.  


 Swithland Reservoir :

Thanks for looking as always the images and their titles are links back to the original report. So if any of the images leave you intrigued feel free to check out the rest of the location.

 I hope you enjoyed as part two is well underway.